I just opened PR #29 that contains most patches we current carry in
Debian (the latest package in Debian sid is current git master plus


It would be great if these patches could be merged, so we don't have
to carry them downstream anymore. If required, I can also send the
patch series to this list.

We carry an additional patch in Debian that removes the callout to
the kernel subdirectory in 'make clean'. Otherwise, make clean
would fail in build environments, because no kernel source would
be installed there. (And Debian's packaging tools always call make
clean during build before building the source.) I didn't send it
here, because to be honest I think the better course of action
would be to just remove the kernel directory from the package: this
has been in the upstream kernel forever now, and people who really
want to support older kernel versions may as well grab an older
open-iscsi version to get the patch, as there were no changes there
since 2010. So the best course of action would be to just remove
the kernel/ subdirectory entirely. (The history would be retained
in git anyway.) Thoughts?

Furthermore, we have an additional patch in Debian that replaces
/var/run with /run and /var/lock with /run/lock; I realize that
not all distributions have done this change though, so would you
be willing to take an extra patch that would allow to pass in
these directories via the build system? (And use the /var ones
if nothing is specified.)



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