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What's the difference between SNAPSHOT and -dev, in mavenese? I wasn't suggesting that what we talked about was better; just tossing some more
fuel on the fire.

I don't know how well documented it is, but my understanding is that the -SNAPSHOT suffix (which, I believe, is automatically appended if some snapshot=true attribute is set in the pom.xml) is treated specially: when resolving dependencies, rather than re- using the cached jars for any SNAPSHOT-suffix'd jars, Maven will re- download it every time (or, at least, check to make sure the cached version is the most recent one).

This is handy for nightlies and things like that, since you don't want to have to up the version every single time, but you do want people who are developing against snapshots to always have the latest version.

At least that's my understanding.

Agrees with mine. So if you have a xxx-0.9.0-dev, maven considers that to be a fixed release and won't automatically update it (ever). If you want to refresh it, you manually delete your cached version and when maven can't find it, maven will download new bits. Or you mvn install xxx and if xxx has to be rebuilt, the install goal replaces the bits in your local repository.

If you have a 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT, maven will always try to download the latest copy on every invocation of maven. If you prefer that maven not do this, run maven with the -o option and it won't try to download new versions of SNAPSHOT. Usually, SNAPSHOT builds are not published, so maven never finds the SNAPSHOT build in your remote repositories.

It might be good to run through the common dev scenarios in detail to see which model would work best for this project, since there are so many sub-projects.


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I spoke to Geir about this a bunch last week; he suggested we use a
number-dev nomenclature, so that it'd be clear that the current
build is
a dev build rather than a well-known numbered release. So,
this would
mean we'd have 0.9.0-dev, meaning that there are
differences since the
0.9.0 release itself.

Ok, well I don't want to cause problems if it's a done deal.  Just a
couple FYIs, maven will still treat that as a final version -- once
downloaded, it won't check for newer versions.  Also, maven will
consider 0.9.0 to be greater than 0.9.0-dev.

What's the difference between SNAPSHOT and -dev, in mavenese? I wasn't suggesting that what we talked about was better; just tossing some more
fuel on the fire.

Also, does anyone know what's involved in making snapshots
happen on a
regular basis (say, nightly iff an svn change happened that day)?

With a couple patches to your root pom I can hook you up to Apache's
Continuum install on vmbuild.apache.org (very slow but works).
Publishing jars from there is still a bit tricky, but we might be
able to figure something out.

We've got a TeamCity server up and running at BEA (working on getting
one in the DMZ...); it publishes artifacts. So, we could probably do
something to get it to rsync the built artifacts somewhere or something
like that.

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