> My original idea was to generate the documentation from its current  
> location (at openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/manual.xml), and 
> generate  
> the site and docs together using the "mvn site" process (the output  
> of which can be seen at http://people.apache.org/~mprudhom/openjpa/ 
> site/ ). Other people suggested that we keep the site and docs in a  
> separate, parallel Subversion directory, so I waited to do any  
> further work until we had come to some consensus on how the project  
> site and documentation should be handled.
> Everything that I've done is currently checked into Subversion,  
> though. Any changes/additions to the docs can be made to openjpa- 
> project/src/doc/manual/manual.xml , which I expect we will relocate  
> to wherever we decide is the best place for it.

My feeling is that the documentation (including tutorials and samples)
belongs with the product, and content about OpenJPA the project should
be separate from the product. I do not think that docs should move into
a wiki, although I do think that there are a bunch of advantages to
keeping the site content (i.e., the stuff that's not versioned along
with the product) all in a wiki, since I find wikis more accessible for
editing than HTML + SVN etc.

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