Still looking for some response to this request...  Looking at other
incubator projects, some are using "sandbox", some are using "branches",
others don't seem to have an alternate folder for misc development
branches.  I would create the folders if I had the proper authority.  Who
does have the authority?  And, when we find that person, what should we have
them create?

We already have "site" and "trunk".  I think to be consistent with svn
practices, we should have a "branches" and "tags" folder at a minimum.  If
we want to keep "branches" pristine for real versions of OpenJPA, then we
should also create a "sandbox" folder to house any sandbox development


On 8/22/06, Kevin Sutter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

You've probably noticed that I attempted to create a branch for the
OPENJPA-24 work (I've been busy with a conference and some of Abe's changes
were starting to overlap..).  But, when I attempted to create this branch in
a "branches" subdirectory, I got an authentication error with creating the
directory.  As you probably noticed, I was allowed to create the OPENJPA-24
branch at the root level (same level as trunk), but I didn't think that was
appropriate.  (I deleted that one.)

So, what's the scoop with sandbox branches?  Should we be allowed to use
these?  I hope so, since this provides a nice way of sharing and
collaborating on changes that are bigger than a breadbox.  If we agree,
could someone with enough authority create the branches folder so that we
have a place to put them?


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