like Kevin i am also crawling through the bootstrapping process which has its challenges because of all its JAR-Services API woodoo. So far i understand that OpenJPA looks for ProductDerivations in services/ org.apache.openjpa.conf.ProductDerivation file and will store all classnames it finds. Currently of course its only one, the JPA derived JDBCPersistenceProductDerivation. I assume that kodo users will soon get a distro with OpenJPA.jar + KodJDOaddon.jar that will also contain a META-INF/services/ org.apache.openjpa.conf.ProductDerivation file with a different implementation of ProductDerivation.

Now i wonder how good the name "JDBCPersistenceProductDerivation" is because it says nothing about the spec it uses. It clearly sets constants like PersistenceProductDerivation.SPEC_JPA. so its obviously JPA related ;-) Or do i miss something here? Since i dont know the JDO side of Kodo, i can only guess here.

One more: why is there no openjpa.xml? I saw that it can provide globals (constants?) while bootstrapping but i can find none in the source tree.

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