Is there any reason why you need to eagerly get information about
classes to process? In general, as you've noticed, OpenJPA does allow
dynamic registration of persistent types. One possibility would be to
declare that in order to use Compass searching with OpenJPA, one must
provide a static list of classes (or tell OpenJPA to compute a static
list of classes), using one of the options that Marc pointed out
earlier. Alternately, you could potentially just register the right type
of listener with OpenJPA and do whatever initialization is necessary
lazily as new classes are encountered via the callbacks.


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> Subject: Getting all the ClassMetaDatas
> Hi,
>    First, I hope that this is the correct forum for posting 
> questions, so
> sorry if it isn't.
> I have an external list of classes that I would like to match 
> against the
> persistent classes that are defined/identified by OpenJPA. I 
> would really
> like to get the ClassMetaData for each one, since it has a lot of
> information that I could use. This intersection happens after the
> EntityManagerFactory has been created.
> I have tried using:ClassMetaData[] classMetaDatas =
> emf.getConfiguration().getMetaDataRepositoryInstance().getMetaDatas();
> But it seems like the meta data repository and ClassMetaData 
> information are
> lazily loaded (i.e. when some operation is performed on a Class, the
> relevant meta data is fetched if not found in cache). So, 
> what I get is an
> empty array (even though I can see the OpenJPA identified the 
> classes).
> I wonder how I would be able to get all the class meta data?
> Something that I was thinking about is since I have the list 
> of classes that
> I would like to check if they are persistent, I could call:
> getMetaData(Class cls, ClassLoader envLoader, boolean mustExist), with
> Thread context class loader and false in mustExists. I am 
> guessing that it
> will load the ClassMetaData if not found. My main problem here is that
> OpenJPA might be configured with a different class loader (though it
> defaults to the thread context one).
> Any suggestions?
> p.s.
> I am the author of Compass, so once I have this nailed down, 
> we will have
> Search capabilities to OpenJPA ;)
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