It's pretty much defined by the spec that Persistence class just delegates to the providers to do the work and has no way to report the errors:

7.2 Bootstrapping in Java SE Environments

The Persistence bootstrap class will locate all of the persistence providers <...> and call createEntityManagerFactory() on them in turn until an appropriate
backing provider returns an EntityManagerFactory.
If a provider does not qualify as the provider for the named persistence unit, it must return null when createEntityManagerFactory is invoked on it.


Craig L Russell wrote:
FYI, Persistence is an open source project at Glassfish.

Anyone, even an OpenJPA contributor, who wants to contribute to the project for example to improve the error messages, is welcome to look at the sources and provide a patch. I know people who will be happy to commit usability patches. ;-)


On Apr 10, 2007, at 1:54 PM, Pinaki Poddar wrote:

The error message could have been more specific in the following way:
a) no META-INF/persistence.xml has not been found in classpath
b) META-INF/persistence.xml has been found but there is no 'ode-store'
unit defined in it.
c)  META-INF/persistence.xml has been found but provider can not be

When I first encountered this error, my interpreation was (b) from the
way the message was worded.

Pinaki Poddar
BEA Systems

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Glad you got it fixed. It's annoying that
javax.persistence.Persistence doesn't provide more of a clue as to  why

it failed.

I wonder what else you'd like to see other than what's already printed
out? It tells exactly why it's failed - "No Persistence provider for
EntityManager named ode-store" is just a JPA version of
"NoClassDefFoundError" in "pure" Java.


Jacek Laskowski

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