> Can anyone please let me know, how to overlay a layer of mapped houses on 
> the grid. 

Well would need a 'database' of houses. Ie the mapped houses. 

For some countries that might be available from various suppliers. Or maybe 
they been mapped in OpenStreetMap (if in OSM, could be extracted/copied). 

*(Note even if Google has a database for the location, you can't download 
Google's database. It might or might not be 'owned' by Google, possibly 
they purchased it from elsewhere, and dont have a licence to allows others 
to obtain a copy 'freely'. )*

Once have the database its a programmer/developers job to use a Maps API or 
'GIS' system to plot them on a map. (that Maps API or GIS system, could 
also incorperate displaying a lat/long or Plus Code based grid) 


> And also how can I download the plus codes of the houses in a particular 
> area?

Well again it comes down to having a 'database' of houses. Its common that 
such databases would contain coordinates (particularly if a 'mapped' 
database) - Plus Codes itself is a 'known algorithm', so can then *calculate 
*the Plus Codes from those coordinates. (ie a 'process' could run yourself 
with suitable scripting/program) 

Public site: http://www.openlocationcode.com/
Github project: https://github.com/google/open-location-code
Demo site: http://plus.codes/
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