Hello OpenSCAPers,

We are thrilled to announce general availability of OpenSCAP 1.2.10 release.

This is the latest release from maint-1.2 maintenance branch. API/ABI is
fully compatible with 1.2.0 release. Users of 1.2.x releases are
recommended to update.

  - New features
    - support --benchmark-id when running `oscap xccdf generate guide`
    - added CPE support for OpenSUSE 42.1
  - Maintenance
    - oscap-docker fixed to be source compatible with both Python 2 and 3
    - fixed offline mode in rpmverifypackage probe
    - fixed scanning of non-RHEL containers in oscap-docker (issue #427)
    - fixed regression in loading a datastream session (RHBZ #1250072)
    - fixed missing SCE results in XCCDF reports (issue #394)
    - fixed a segmentation fault (issue #370)
    - fix error message when OVAL generator element is missing (issue #345)
    - fixed failing rpminfo probe
    - fixed compilation on RHEL5 (issue #393)
    - new tests in upstream test suite
    - test suite is able to run on Fedora 24
    - fixed remediation scripts appearance in HTML guides (issue #460)
    - fixed autoconf build
    - small fixes, refactoring, small documentation improvements

Special thanks to our new contributor Jason Newton.



Audit, Fix, And Be Merry!

Jan Černý
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.
on behalf of OpenSCAP contributors

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