Hello OpenSCAPers,

We are thrilled to announce general availability of OpenSCAP 1.2.11 release.

This is the latest release from maint-1.2 maintenance branch. API/ABI is
fully compatible with 1.2.0 release. Users of 1.2.x releases are
recommended to update.

  - New features
    - huge speed-up of generating HTML reports and guides
    - support remote datastream components (issue #526)
    - support tailoring of external datastreams
    - various attributes of remediation scripts are now shown in HTML report 
(issue #541)
    - new option generating OVAL results without system characteristics
    - remediation scripts in HTML report are now collapsed
    - support for extracting Ansible playbooks
    - enabled fetching remote resources in OVAL module
    - added Wind River Linux CPE
  - Maintenance
    - updated jQuery and bootstrap libraries in HTML reports
    - extended, improved and updated user manual
    - fixed issues with proxy in oscap-docker (RHBZ #1351952)
    - fixed a bug in OVAL arithmetic function
    - fixed a segmentation fault (issue #529)
    - fixed results of XCCDF rules with @role="unscored" (issue #525)
    - fixed invalid characters in OVAL results (issue #468)
    - fixed a segmentation fault in tailoring (RHBZ #1367896)
    - updated SUSE 11 CPE
    - fixed many memory issues
    - large refactoring of datastream module
    - new tests in upstream test suite
    - various small fixes and improvements

Special thanks to our new contributors Raphael Sanchez Prudencio, Watson Sato
and Radzy Radzykewycz.



Audit, Fix, And Be Merry!

Jan Černý
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.
on behalf of OpenSCAP contributors

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