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> Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 7:15:09 AM
> Subject: [Open-scap] How to build openscap on RHEL7 where GConf2-devel is     
> missing
> Hi,
> in RHEL7 seems GConf2-devel to be missing at all. There might be a way
> to circumvent this problem by installing the corresponding CentOS7 package.
> But I wonder if there's a possibility to totally drop this dependency.
> What configure option would be needed and what functionality would be
> missing if I wanted to drop this dependency?
> Regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,
gconf2 is an optional dependency. You should be able to build openscap
without any problems with it missing. No special configure options are
required. The ./configure script will figure out it's missing and disable
the gconf2 OVAL probe.

Martin Preisler
Identity Management and Platform Security | Red Hat, Inc.

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