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> Folks
> I’m trying to build a customized profile for RHEL7.   I’m not sure about the
> list of profile names offered through the oscap command and the list shown
> in the SCAP Workbench.  For example, in RHEL6 the oscap command listed a
> profile usgcb-rhel6-server, and that corresponded to the United States
> Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) in SCAP Workbench.  The RHEL 7
> SCAP Workbench has a profile for USGCB, but there is no profile listed by
> that name by the oscap info command.  Does anyone know of a list that shows
> the relationship between the profile listed by the oscap command and the
> profiles in the SCAP Workbench?
> Thank you for your assistance.
> The IDs and titles don't always match. This is exactly the case with
> the USGCB / OSPP profile for RHEL7. Its title is "United States
> Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB / STIG)" but its ID is
> xccdf_org.ssgproject.content_profile_ospp-rhel7.
> I usually go to https://static.open-scap.org to figure this out. Click
> on the product, then browse profiles. The page will always tell you
> both title and ID of each.
> Hope this helps!
> As a future OpenSCAP RFE, could the 'oscap info' output be modified to show
> the profile title? e.g.
> Title: United States Baseline
> XCCDF ID: org.open-scap-ospp-rhel7

I think Jan Cerny can see the future:

Martin Preisler

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