On 11/27/18 6:23 PM, Boucher, William wrote:

Hi folks,

I am currently hardening an Ubuntu embedded system for delivery to a customer.

I have downloaded the “Canonical Ubuntu 16.04 LTS STIG Ver 1, Rel 1” from DISA, and I have obtained a copy of the SCAP Compliance checker tool “SCC 5.0.2 Ubuntu 16 AMD64”.

What I am missing is an SCAP Benchmark file for Ubuntu 16.04. Does one exist?

I would like to use OpenSCAP to harden then scan this IS. The Open-SCAP BASE page says that Ubuntu is supported, so I can get the tools installed. But without a benchmark how would I proceed from there?

Looks like DISA does not publish SCAP content for their Ubuntu STIG:


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