<p>Dear Partners/Job Seekers<br> <br> We have a <b>Corp to Corp</b> opening for 
.NET Programmer (Upto $45/hr on C2C/1099) in Little Rock, AR, United States, if 
you have matching candidates please submit their profiles <a 
 here</a>. </p> <p>Candidates matching the requirements will be contacted. </p> 
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   <p><strong>Position:.Net developer<br>  Location:Little Rock, AR<br>  
Duration:3 Months</strong> </p>
<p>  <strong>Rate:$45/hr on C2C<br>  <br>  <br>  Job 
<li><strong>   VB.NET</strong></li>
<li><strong>Full Systems Development Lifecycle</strong></li>
<li><strong>Experience Gathering User Requirements</strong></li>
<p><strong>  <br>  Highly Desired<br>  <br></strong></p>
<li><strong>   Conversion of code from VB6 to VB.NET 2005</strong></li>
<li><strong> Active Reports</strong></li>
<li><strong> Development of Finance/Accounting Systems</strong></li>
<p><strong>  <br>  Years of Relevant Experience: 5 plus years<br>  Preferred 
Education: 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study<br>  <br>
  Role Description: All roles specified in PR 1 &amp; 2 --- Code 
enhancement and development programs and/or required fixes to production
 problems using the functional and technical programming standards.<br>  <br>   
   Test enhancement and development programs.<br>      Participate in 
structured code reviews / walkthroughs.<br>      Execute all required process 
steps.<br>      Create and provide content for operational documentation to 
Technical Writers.<br>
      Utilize configuration management tools, design tools, debugging 
tools, and any other environment specific tools necessary to create, 
test, and implement an application.<br>      Research problems before 
approaching the Team Lead or Functional Architect for assistance.<br>      
Limited functional knowledge.<br>      Follow quality standards.<br>      
Support installation of application releases into production as directed.<br>   
   Communicate accurate and useful status updates.<br>      Ability to work in 
a team environment<br>      Complete assigned tasks.<br>      Strong 
communication skills; both written and spoken.<br>      Analyze and design 
enhancements, development programs, and/or required fixes to production 
problems.<br>      Design applications to functional and technical programming 
standards.<br>      Work with Functional Architects to gather and interpret 
user requirements into design specifications.<br>      Develop system 
specifications and interfaces.<br>      Determine time estimates and schedule 
for work.<br>      Moderate functional and process knowledge.<br>      Assist 
in managing and directing Application Team processes.<br>      Coordinate work 
with other software developers on Application Teams.<br>      Assist Team Lead 
or Test Team Lead in monitoring estimated-time-to-complete (ETC) and actuals 
for assigned tasks<br>
      Develop application designs in support of the systems 
specifications and interfaces, perhaps in conjunction with application 
or technical architects.<br>      Operating System expertise sufficient to 
perform performance and tuning diagnostics.<br>      Work with users to ensure 
that solutions meet business requirements.<br>      Execution of all 
responsibilities with little direct supervision of Team Lead.<br>      
Generally aware of new developments in industry and process and has ability to 
apply them to work as appropriate.<br>      Anticipate and resolve issues 
specific to the team.<br>      Determine time estimates and schedule for own 
work and resolve issues in a timely manner.<br>      Identify and track issues, 
risks and action items.<br>      Plus the following:<br>      Plan all required 
process steps.<br>      Review and understand the Application Team’s 
workplan.<br>      Provide status of work to Team Lead.<br>
      Anticipate, identify, track and resolve issues and risks affecting
 own work and work of the Application Team.  Develop contingency plans 
as necessary.<br>      Engage in ongoing process improvement.<br>      Detailed 
functional and process knowledge.<br>      Utilize deep modeling, design and 
coding skills.<br>      Provide expertise in one or more database 
environments.<br>  <br>  *  Good communication and interpersonal skills.<br>  
<br>  If you are interested in this job position mentioned please respond with 
your resume in MS word format with these details.<br>  <br>  Full Name:<br>  
Current Location:<br>  Contact No (Cell and Landline):<br>  Email ID:<br>  Visa 
Status:<br>  Availability:<br>  Currently on Project (Y/N):<br>  Open to 
relocate:<br>  Total Exp:<br>  US Exp:<br>  SSN(Last4Digits):<br>  Rate:<br>  
Last 2 Reference:</strong></p> <br> <p>     <strong>Thanks &amp; Regards,<br>   
<br>   Shiva Kanth<br>   Talent Acquisition Specialist<br>   Sygna 
Technologies, Inc.<br>   Email id: <a 
  </div>    <p><br> </p>Email or Submit resume <a 
 here</a><p><strong><br></strong> </p> <p><strong></strong></p>

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