<p>Dear Partners/Job Seekers<br> <br> We have a <b>Corp to Corp</b> opening for 
VoIP Sys Admin/Engineer (Upto $55/hr on 1099/C2C) in Salem, VA, United States, 
if you have matching candidates please submit their profiles <a 
 here</a>. </p> <p>Candidates matching the requirements will be contacted. </p> 
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   <p><strong>Position: VoIP Sys Admin/Engineer <br>Location: Salem, 
VA<br>Duration: 3 Months<br>Inteview: In-Person (Confirm you candidate can do 
F2F)<br>Rate: Upto 55/hr on C2C/1099</strong></p>
<p><br></p>      <p><strong>Does
 candidate have experience in supporting and   troubleshooting H.323 
and/or SIP voice protocols in a production environment?   This is a 
MUST.</strong></p>    <br>The role provides 24/7 local and remote user support 
for a wide variety of systems and applications in VDOT's Avaya Aura and Elite 
MultiChannel telephony environment. The preferred candidate must have 
experience in supporting and troubleshooting H.323 and/or SIP voice protocols 
in a production environment. In-depth network troubleshooting, Linux, and Cisco 
network administration experience is strongly preferred.<br><p><br>This 
position will be providing technical support at the CSCs in Salem and NoVa.  
Position is responsible for providing technical support to include, 
administering out of scope servers – physical/virtual infrastructure, 
Windows/Linux OS, ADUC, SQL  Databases, network switches/routers, Avaya 
environment, to include installation, configuration, maintenance, including 
patching and monitoring, as well as creating architectural diagrams, system 
documentation and other procedural documents.  Work closely with CSC Business 
owners and IT Systems Engineering Manager. Also responsible for backup and 
recovery, support for the Avaya Elite Multichannel, network analysis and 
diagnostic utilities and experience in command line scripting and PowerShell.   
<p>Detailed Duties include: </p>
<p>Ability to define and run reports using the Avaya Call Management System 
(CMS), to design and manage call flows, to manage users of Avaya CMS, WFO, 
Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint services, to configure and support the 
One-X-Agent (remote call center agent) software.  Candidate will work with the 
VDOT CSC, Residency, and Emergency call-taker staff to set-up remote agent 
workstations and phones for daily operations and severe weather events 
(including Avaya One-X Agent and Elite Multichannel software and external phone 
systems).  Candidate should have the ability to translate and describe 
technical issues in easy-to-understand terms for consumption by all 
stakeholders. Ability to troubleshoot analog, VOIP phone problems and manage 
SIP trunks.  <br>Ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot system backup 
and restore operations. Troubleshoot and resolve call routing problems. Ability 
to manage, monitor and troubleshoot LAN/WAN connections. Ability to configure 
IVR and automated attendant systems (hosted &amp; internal), to provide 
technical support for a variety of business applications, including IE, Avaya 
Elite Multichannel (EMC), Avaya One-X Agent, Avaya/Verint WFO, Customer Service 
Center (CSC) 2.0 and Asset Mgmt. System (AMS).  Ability to provide remote 
support for the NOVA CSC, Remote CSC &amp; Residency staff, and emergency 
call-takers. Ability to perform Root Cause and Post-Mortem analysis and 
reporting. Ability to support the training of call-takers and system users 
statewide. Responsible for implementing and maintaining database servers that 
are OOS to VITA/NG.  Ability to provide 24/7 support for call center operations 
(server &amp; desktop support).  <br><strong><br>System Equipment 
<li> Cisco network switches, routers, &amp; firewalls</li>
<li> VMWare vSphere (including vCenter &amp; vSwitch technologies)</li>
<li> SAN &amp; NAS systems (Dell preferable)</li>
<li> Avaya Aura Communications Manager (CM)</li>
<li> Avaya Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS)</li>
<li> Avaya Elite Multichannel (EMC)</li>
<li> Avaya Call Management System (CMS)</li>
<li> Avaya System Manager (SMGR)</li>
<li> Avaya Session Managers (SM)</li>
<li> Avaya G450 Gateways</li>
<li> Avaya Session Border Controllers (SBC)</li>
<li> Avaya/Verint call and screen recording and workforce optimization systems 
(Witness, Quality Monitoring, etc.)</li>
<li> IVR systems (internal &amp; hosted)</li>
<li> Windows &amp; Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu) servers</li>
<li> Web servers (Apache, Apache Tomcat, &amp; MS IIS)</li>
<li> Email servers (Exchange, SquirrelMail, Postfix, etc.)</li>
<li> DNS servers (BIND &amp; hosting provider-based)</li>
<li> Database servers (MSSQL, MySQL, AmandaDB, Postgres)</li>
<li> Active Directory &amp; Samba file-sharing/authentication servers</li>
<li>Syslog servers (Syslog-NG)</li>
<li> Experience creating systems and procedural documentation</li>
<li> Experience creating end user documentation for routine tasks</li>
<li> Experience providing local and remote technical support in a call center 
environment (preferred)</li>
<li> Experience providing technical support for Avaya Elite Multichannel 
<li> Experience working with system owners to define system functional 
<li> Experience developing backup and recovery strategies using a variety of 
<li> Experience with network analysis and diagnostics utilities (WireShark, 
TShark, NMAP, Fiddler2, etc.)</li>
<li> Experience with project management (preferred)</li>
<li> Experience with command line scripting &amp; system automation in Windows 
&amp; Linux environments (preferred)</li>
<p><strong>*  Good communication and interpersonal skills.<br>  <br>  If you 
are interested in this job position mentioned please respond with your resume 
in MS word format with these details.<br>  <br>  Full Name:<br>  Current 
Location:<br>  Contact No (Cell and Landline):<br>  Email ID:<br>  Visa 
Status:<br>  Availability:<br>  Currently on Project (Y/N):<br>  Open to 
relocate:<br>  Total Exp:<br>  US Exp:<br>  SSN(Last4Digits):<br>  Rate:<br>  
Last 2 Reference:</strong></p>
<p><strong>Thanks &amp; Regards,<br>   <br>   Shiva Kanth<br>   Talent 
Acquisition Specialist<br>   Sygna Technologies, Inc.<br>   Email id: <a 
  </div>    <p><br> </p>Email or Submit resume <a 
 here</a><p><strong><br></strong> </p> <p><strong></strong></p>

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