OpenAFS release team weekly meeting

Date: Feb 09, 2018
  * Stephan Wiesand (Release Manager 1.6)
  * Ben Kaduk (Release Manager 1.8)
  * Michael Meffie
  * Marcio Barbosa
  * Mark Vitale

The weekly release team meetings are held on Fridays at 14:00 GMT on jabber
(xmpp) in  Please request login
information if you would like to participate. Logs are available at

Recent issues

1. RedHat 7.5 beta issues have been reported by sites testing rhel 7.5
   beta.  Mark V to continue investigation.

2. Harmut posted an issue found while testing 1.8.0pre4 and a patch for
   ubik. (After the meeting Ben pushed the patch to gerrit 12905 ubik:
   avoid labeling a database "0.0")

1.6.x stable series


12886 ubik: check if epoch is sane before db relabel
  - Require backport to 1.6.x
  - Blocking 1.6.23pre1 release

12896 ubik: avoid DISK_Begin on sites that didn't vote for syn
  - Require backport to 1.6.x
  - Blocking 1.6.23pre1 release

12328  Linux: Drop PageReclaim AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE case
  - Requires reviews or will be abandoned for the 1.6.x branch.

12864  rx: rxi_ReceiveDataPacket do not set rprev on drop
  - Requires reviews

12818 redhat: separate debuginfo package for kmod rpm
  - Requires additional +1s in gerrit

12684..7 vldb cache timeout option (-volume-ttl)
  - Requires additional +1s in gerrit

12667  afs: fix afs_xserver deadlock in afsdb refresh
  - Requires additional +1s in gerrit

1.8.x series

Patches targeting 1.8.0pre5 have been merged on the
openafs-stable-1_8_x branch.

Mike to write NEWS file for pre5. (Submitted after the meeting).


Review discussions:

rxgk patches:
  - Discussion about CLEAR and AUTH levels.
  - Does it makes sense to implement the CLEAR and AUTH levels,
    especially with no way to configure what mode is enabled.
  - Ben thinks it's pretty clear that it doesn't make sense to
    have the code with no way to enable it other than recompiling,
    so it's a question of do we remove the code or do we add a
    knob to allow the less-protected data.

Recently merged:

4f7550d Add support for arm64_linux26
b792dea hcrypto: Avoid 'double' param in arm64 kernel code
0a896b9 Do not set default AFS_SYSCALL
ed513bb Do not require AFS_SYSCALL
f5794e0 util: Add the AFS_STRINGIZE() macro
32d0493 SOLARIS: save kernel module function arguments for debugging
88cb536 autoconf: detect ctf-tools and add ctf to libafs
c7c71d2 Add .gitreview
5e09a69 SOLARIS: Avoid vcache locks when flushing pages for RO vnodes

New patches:

12905 ubik: avoid labeling a database "0.0"
12906 rx: Do not count RXGEN_OPCODE towards abort threshold

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