OpenAFS release team weekly meeting

Date: Feb 03, 2018
  * Stephan Wiesand (Release Manager 1.6)
  * Ben Kaduk
  * Mark Vitale
  * Michael Meffie
  * Marcio Barbosa

The weekly release team meetings are held on Fridays at 14:00 GMT on jabber
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information if you would like to participate. Logs are available at

Recent issues/news

1. A proposed fix for the recently reported ENODIR issues on RedHat 7.5 beta
   has been submitted to gerrit as gerrit number 12935.

2. Buildbot now supports manually starting builds of any gerrit or branch on
   any builder, including the "linux rc" check builders. (Credentials required.)

1.6.x stable series


Gerrits have been rebased in preparation for the pre-release. Marcio to
review the rebased ubik changes.

Note: Gerrits 12283 and 12290 have been deemed not needed for 1.6.x.

1.8.x series

The issue with 1.8.0pre5 builds on debian was a regression in the flex package
and fixed itself.

Ben submitted gerrit 12934 (afs_pioctl: avoid -Wpointer-sign) which should fix
the signedness issues reported when building with clang 4.0 on FreeBSD 11.1.
This fix will be merged onto the 1.8.x branch.

Mike will update gerrit 12922 (butc: convert butc/dump.c to safer string

Gerrit 12924 (ubik: don't set database epoch to 0 if not needed) will be merged
onto the master branch.


Recently merged:

12906   rx: Do not count RXGEN_OPCODE towards abort threshold
12915   Release 1.8.0pre5
12918   afs: improve -volume-ttl error messages
12919   redhat: package libuafs perl bindings

New gerrits:

12931   rx: pass serial number to rxi_SendRawAbort
12932   rx: connection aborts send serial zero when no conn available
12934   afs_pioctl: avoid -Wpointer-sign
12935   LINUX: RH 7.5 ENOTDIR

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