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>> On 9. Aug 2017, at 16:37, robert <robert.stev...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hey!
>> I have noticed that when there are many MS connecting to my BTS if I try to 
>> page (call or send SMS) a specific MS it takes a long time and sometimes 
>> just fails. Is there a way to give a higher priority for paging under high 
>> network loads ?
> if you have a busy cell and can't contribute with code. Have you considered 
> contributing financially to the project?
> At this point there is no "priority" handling. The BSC will instruct the BTS 
> to page IMSIs round-robin. This logic can surely be changed. If you only want 
> to provide service to a subset of MS you could use special access classes.

Actually its not a busy cell, I only have two MS connected to it and the rest 
of MS trying to connect are rejected. But the problem is that the channels are 
being exhausted while rejecting the other MS. I only have one MS being paged in 
the cell but it is not always doable because of the high load. 
If I may ask the question in another way, is it possible to prevent this load 
by just ignoring the location update of certain MS instead of responding to 
them and rejecting them ?


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