> On 11. Aug 2017, at 14:47, Ron <ron.me...@entropysolution.com> wrote:
> Hi Holger,


> As tested, we had confirmed that the updated version of osmo-sip-connector 
> has an issue regarding the Ring Back Tone.
> The version that we had confirmed with Ring Back Tone is the 
> "4649746798fe3074edab720302d135c74dcf3a38”.
> Updated version that has no Ring Back Tone is 
> “9d796ff15690eb313ec6d2323902f9ea677f300e"

okay a single commit. I don't have much spare time right now. I mentioned to 
diff the MNCC log as well but thinking of the specific change. Is your PBX 
playing an early ringback?


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