Dear Pespin,
please advise if this need run all? even for just voice service?

osmo-hlr -l hlr.db -c osmo-hlr.cfg
osmo-msc -c osmo-msc.cfg
osmo-mgw -c osmo-mgw-for-msc.cfg
osmo-mgw -c osmo-mgw-for-bsc.cfg
osmo-ggsn -c osmo-ggsn.cfg
osmo-sgsn -c osmo-sgsn.cfg
osmo-stp -c osmo-stp.cfg
osmo-bsc -c osmo-bsc.cfg
osmo-hnbgw -c osmo-hnbgw.cfg
osmo-bts-trx -c osmo-bts.cfg
osmo-pcu -c osmo-pcu.cfg

is it completed or I miss some to run?

we can use without osmo-pcu, osmo-ggsn and osmo-sgsn also osmo-hnbgw
for 2g voice only?

please advise. Thanks


On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 10:20 AM, Pau Espin Pedrol <>

> Hi,
> I am not using OsmoNITB, but OsmoBSC+OsmoMSC. I encourage you to move to
> similar setup since OsmoNITB is being deprecated and most development work
> is happening in split componenets nowadays.
> I attach my configs in case you want to start giving a try to the split
> components.
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