Hi there,

I recently completed my open source project that I started in Summer 2016.  
The project involved documenting a core feature of Linux XIA, specifically 
the Longest-Prefix-Matching principal  where I helped experiment/verify all 
relevant constructs - including installing virtual machines, downloading 
code from GitHub, compiling Linux kernel with new code from XIA's 
repository, deploying the new Linux kernel, testing this new functionality 
and writing pertinent documentation (as well as a short experiment on how 
LPM works).  Although my love for writing code started a while ago, taking 
an intensive programming course at Harvard Extension Summer School (Summer 
2015) helped me a lot.

I have received awards for a research project on AI theory from Intel and 
the ACM.

I am an enthusiastic high school senior with a lot of value to offer. 

My Linkedin profile can be found here. 

I am interested in working on a pertinent initiative at OpenCog. Is there a 
project I can work on?

Thanks for your time,
Vineet Parikh
(732) 331.6409

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