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Hi Fred,

The log message "If this is the result of a key rollover ..." suggests
(at least to me) that it is normal that a manual intervention is needed
during a roll-over, but we are not used to it.
Is this a bug, or is it the intended behavior?
Are there new options to be included in the configuration?

I'm guessing you use 'keep' strategy[0] for the SOA. Then you are
responsible to increment the serial yourself and the signer is unable to
push out updates when that hasn't happened.

The reason for the message is that the enforcer can have the signer
notified that a resign needs to happen. (because a key rollover for
example). But with this serial strategy the signer can't without a SOA

So make sure your serial in the input zone is greater than 2016091511.
But better would be to use 'datecounter' to let the signer manage the


We never had this problem with 1.4. From our /etc/opendnssec/kasp.xml:


The kasp.xml has not been touched since December 2015.
So, there must be something else. Could it be that the migration of the database changed it from datacounter to keep? Should I update the configuration after the migration?

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