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Archetypes are Documentation Patterns for clinical and non-clinical  
Templates are Documentation Patters used in a specific context. They  
can be considered as agreements/contracts on what to show, store, and  
How that content of a Template is represented on the screen is the  
topic of this discussion.

On one hand: Keeps things simple. And things are simple when we  
separate as much asp possible. We separated IT from data and  
Information and it  makes a lot of sense to separate presentation of  
that data and information as well.
On the other: Objects consist of three things: Information, Methods  
and Representation. And the information and representation parts carry  
Information represented in black is not the the same as when  
represented on a screen in RED or in CAPITALS or flickering.

Thinking about it:
Data and Information- Arche-Types (and Templates)
Presentation: Presentation-Types
Methods: Method-Types

Each Type its own tool, Model and Language
Plus one tool that integrate all three aspects of the Object.


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On Jun 27, 2008, at 8:58 AM, Erik Sundvall wrote:

>> One thing I noticed in the conversion that I don't have any way of
>> distinguishing between a line of text and multiline text in the
>> archetype (I would generate an appropriate pane in the latter case).
>> Perhaps not a big deal.
> This might be a useful requirement for the current template
> specification currently being worked on, or possibly a new kind of
> related specification.

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