Hi all, just re-sending this question on the clinical list too.
I'm wondering how to handle the link between documents and health problems in a 
problem-oriented record.

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Guti?rrez

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Subject: Problem-oriented records and querying by problem
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 13:28:40 -0300

Hi, another question related to querying:
I have a case of problem-oriented records, where I need to query all the 
COMPOSITIONS related to a specific problem (evolutions, controls, etc).
Since we have a Problem List persistent archetype that records OBSERVATIONS 
about the health problems:
- Would it be a good solution to use LINKs between those OBSERVATIONs and the 
COMPOSITIONs related to those problems in order to solve the "query 
COMPOSITIONS by health problem"?
Is there another solution for this? What do you think?

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Guti?rrez

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