This is indeed the intent: the language has been design to cater exactly for 
this extension.  I can't say that there's any international content about to 
come out with this addition numeric modelling, but Australia has been 
publishing this kind of content in the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) 
since July 2014 (one release per month).


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At this point I think that is the only option. I want to believe that the 
SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language has been designed with a future 
evolution of SNOMED CT in mind, where concepts will be enriched with numerical 
values. For example, SNOMED CT now contains a set of Virtual Medical Products 
(VMP) such as "[374649006] Amoxicillin 400mg/5mL suspension (product)" with two 
- Has active ingredient →  Amoxicillin
- Has dose form →  Oral suspension
If these relationships are enriched with the medication strength, then the VMP 
concepts would be better defined and could be queried using the numerical 
options of the constraint language.

2015-09-30 9:20 GMT+02:00 Thomas Beale 
On 30/09/2015 07:51,<> 
Imagine instead the example was using the corresponding AMT concepts (since 
snomed pure doesn't have any concrete domain modelling -- I.e. numeric values).

Then the focus concept would be the AMT amoxycillin Medicinal Product concept 
21415011000036100 and the constraint matches would be MPUUs and TPUUs with 
capsule form and between 500 and 800 mg of amoxycillin as an active ingredient

ok - so the query would be applied to instances in a drug database (each 
instance there is a drug descriptor)?

- thomas

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