Hi everyone,

I've just been talking with Silje about our plans for Medinfo from the clinical 
modelling program.

We'd like to share our current thinking and ideas for some broader openEHR 

  1.  3 Panels:
     *   Clinical modelling panel - focus on community engagement, modelling 
activity and patterns
     *   Technical/developers panel - focus on the technical and software 
aspects of openEHR, AQL, GDL perhaps
     *   Implementers panel - focus on the platform and experience from 
real-life implementations

There's almost a tradition now that we've held a Clinical modelling and 
Technical workshop at each Medinfo, but Medinfo's working definition of a 
workshop is that the presenters and the audience are meant to be equals and 
there is a lot of audience participation. While we aspire to this, in reality 
we really have experts presenting on their latest ideas/work and the audience 
has variable opportunities to ask questions, which more fits with Medinfo's 
definition of a panel. So we are suggesting that we could run a suite of 
complementary panels covering these 3 areas of openEHR activity.
@Shinji - I know you have already suggested the developer's workshop - what do 
you think of this as an alternative?

  2.  Panel exploring how openEHR, FHIR & SNOMED work together - a cross SDO 
  3.  Clinical modelling tutorial - teaching participants how easy it is to 
learn to build a template in half a day
  4.  Possible papers
     *   Medication family of archetypes - Ian, Hildi & Silje
     *   Physical exam patterns - myself

What do you think about these options?

Who else has ideas or proposals?

@Shinji has already set up a wiki page to help us coordinate our efforts - 



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Dear openEHR colleagues,

In the next year, MEDINFO 2019 will be in Lyon, France, from 26th to 30th 
August, 2019.

The application for paper/poster/workshop/tutorial deadline is Nov 12.

This is important, ONLY less than TWO MONTH left for the deadline.

I already launched wiki page for MEDINFO 2019.


If you have some plan for proposal related with openEHR, please give us 
comments on the wiki or mail.

I will propose the openEHR developers' workshop, again.

AGAIN. Two month is not so long, rather short.

Best regards,

Shinji Kobayashi


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