It is still in ADL2, but harmless, so I would leave it in the specs and advise tool developers to ignore it, if that is the consensus.

- t

On 09/10/2018 06:29, Sebastian Garde wrote:

Assumed value was a slick idea at the time, but I do agree with your sentiments now:

  * it is hardly or not at all processable,
  * where there is widespread consensus on something it may well be
    assumed automatically by clinicians – but this is not because
    someone put the assumed value in the archetype or not.
  * Elements where such consensus exists across professions/sectors
    are probably rare anyway and universal consensus on an assumption
    is hard to ascertain
  * challenges for UI
  * challenges for querying (assuming you even dare)
  * challenges for anybody to understand it, including the difference
    to a default value (and what happens if there is both).

Not sure about the implications for dropping/deprecating this at this stage


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