I'm with Ian on this. The only use of post coordination is hard and requires 
complex tooling support that is way beyond any value you get.  I would say even 
laterality & other qualifiers should go in the information model and not in the 
terminology if you have the choice.

If you are instead talking about ECLs expression constraint language, then you 
might want to look at http://ontoserver.csiro.au/shrimp/ecl which provides a UI 
for constructing ECL expressions and evaluates them as well. It also has links 
to summary documentation and sample expressions.


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On 20 Nov 2018, at 4:56 am, David Moner 
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Hi, just for clarification, you have mixed are two different things:

- SNOMED CT postcoordinated expressions are structured combinations of one or 
more concepts to express a clinical idea. You use them to create new concepts 
not available in the SNOMED release. They are built using the SNOMED CT 
Compositional Grammar. In the archetypes they could be used for the semantic 
binding of the structure (atNNNN codes), or for data values in coded data 

- SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language is an extension of the compositional 
grammar that allows building SNOMED CT subsets intensionally, i.e., by 
restriction or querying. This allows you to create a subset by defining an 
expresion. This can be used to constraint coded values (acNNNN codes)

Now, if your question is about how to combine the modeling of archetypes and 
the modeling of SNOMED CT expressions, this paper could give you some hints. 
It's old, but still relevant. There are clear areas for modeling information as 
archetypes or with terminologies, but there is also a grey area where both 
solutions are applicable.

"Representing clinical information using SNOMED Clinical Terms with different 
structural information models", David Markwell, Laura Sato, Edward Cheetham

El lun., 19 nov. 2018 a las 14:21, Bakke, Silje Ljosland 
Hi everyone,

We’ve recently started an informal and practically oriented regular contact 
with the Norwegian SNOMED CT NRC. One of the things they were interested in 
discussing was how to use postcoordinated SNOMED CT (expression constraint 
language) expressions with openEHR, which I know nothing about. Does anyone 
have any knowledge about or experience with this?

Kind regards,
Silje Ljosland Bakke

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