On 08/10/2017 05:05 PM, Leonardo Sandoval wrote:

After meson support is in master, we can start converting recipes from
autotools to meson. That requires careful manual work, but the good news
is that it can be done piece-meal; there's no need to switch everything
at once.

Alex, is there a autotools-to-meson guide? I like to participate on this

If you mean a guide for how to switch yocto recipes from building using autotools to building using meson (when upstream provides both options, or switched from one to the other), then no. No one has done this before :) You can get a rough idea of what is involved by looking here:



1) inherit meson instead of autotools
2) replace autotools specific build flags with meson-specific ones (in PACKAGECONFIG etc.)
3) fix other issues until no errors happen
4) verify that everything that was previously installed and packaged is still installed and packaged.

I don't think there can be a generic guide, it's manual work which requires the broad recipe maintenance skillset :)

Now, If you meant writing meson support into the upstream source code, then that is even more specific to each project. You need to first carefully study what is being built, using which toolchain, and what are the various options, and then write meson.build files that do the same thing. And you also need to convince the upstream to take it, because it's generally not something we want to maintain as custom patches. Actually it's complicated enough, that I only want to attempt it for gettext.

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