On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 2:27:49 PM EST Randy MacLeod wrote:
> On 2018-02-08 03:22 PM, Alexander Kanavin wrote:
> > Last commit and release were in 2009; website is down; it's a dead
> > project.
> Add MarkA who might care/know more about latencytop than I do.

I believe Bruce had already identified LatencyTop as a dead end by the time we 
even did our first release of OVP (I have no recollection of ever including it 
and there are 0 user stories in Rally which would validate my memories on this 
subject). Just in case I have added Bruce to the list. We already had LTTng 
and FTrace, including a mostly dead Intel project was not a priority if I 
recall correctly.


> Is there another package that makes use of the kernel feature?
> The kernel Kconfig has been tweaked in 2017:
>     commit a34a766ff96d9e88572e35a45066279e40a85d84
>     Author: Josh Poimboeuf <jpoim...@redhat.com>
>     Date:   Mon Jul 24 18:36:58 2017 -0500
>       x86/kconfig: Make it easier to switch to the new ORC unwinder
> and there are people updating latencytop on github last year:
>     https://github.com/namhyung/latencytop/commits/master
> commits on some random github page. That's shocking I know but it
> does indicate that there's still interest in the tool even if the
> original authors haven't been maintaining it.
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