On 06/20/2015 12:41 AM, Andreas Müller wrote:

Emotional part: I am sorry for my last email's style and I hope this
does not cause lack of motivation on your side. This was definitely
not an email that should have gone out this way.

Thank you Andreas, I very much appreciate you saying this. Also my email had the wrong tone, a bit too blunt and provocative perhaps.

Technical part: Although your patches break things I think _now_ that
they point in the right direction. The old gnome stuff turns into a
maintenance burden with every new tool/library introduced. As Martin
pointed out: I have tried to update libnotify two years ago and
stopped due to huge fallout.
Now we expect same but the situation is different: We have stable
releases of better quality than two years ago. If still interested in
gnome 2 style user experience and not accepting gnome 3 one could work
with releases (or implement/use alternatives Mate/Xfce..).

I have looked at recent commit history for meta-gnome; my impression is that it only gets ad-hoc patching so that things still compile, and nobody is doing a systematic effort to keep things up to date and working. So the layer is effectively unmaintained and slowly bit rots.

One note regarding gnome 3: I played around with gnome 3 long time ago
but stopped messing around with gobject-introspection which looked
mandatory for some packages. I think if we want to migrate meta-gnome
to gnome 3 we should think of migrating meta-gir to meta-gnome.

Yes; getting gobject-introspection to work and perhaps taking it into oe-core is something that we'd really like to do, so I plan to look at it when I have a bit of breathing space later this or next week.

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