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Mark Hatle <mark.hatle-cwa4wttnnzf54taoqty...@public.gmane.org> writes:

My understanding of the issue is that the extraction of the plural.c and
plural.y files happens so quickly that it is unclear to make if one is older
then the other -- so it sometimes uses bison to rebuild the plural.c.

When this is really the case, this can apply to the workaround too.  So,
there should be added a 'sleep 1' before the 'touch' or (better?) remove
plural.c to enforce a rebuild.

I believe that's the opposite of the desired action, i.e. to always use
the packaged plural.c and never rely on the plural.y=>plural.c transformation.

+do_unpack_workaround() {
+       touch ${S}/intl/plural.c

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