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> On 08/08/2017 06:58 PM, Mark Hatle wrote:
>> Can we somehow make openssl(10) or nettle a choice when compiling?
>> I ask because I've worked on a few systems where people seem to want one
>> encryption engine for as much of the system as possible (usually openssl).
>> While gstreamer has not been a problem in such systems, I could see it
>> being
>> something that would need to be considered.
> This would need to be done across all recipes where such choice is
> supported, as a 'preferred crypto engine' distro feature. There's been talk
> of doing this, but I don't remember what was the outcome.

There was a bug for this but I literally closed it earlier today on the
grounds that it would mean patching every user of a crypto library to add
an abstraction and alternative codepaths.  If you don't patch every
instance then there is no point in a global option.

We can have packageconfigs, and expose the choice if the upstream does, but
I think the only sane option is to leave it to the user to set the
options.  It's trivial enough to blacklist openssl if you never want to use

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