On 08/08/2017 09:55 PM, Mark Hatle wrote:
For now I'm fine with 1.0 support.  So something like:

# ensure OpenSSL is used for HLS AES description instead of nettle
# (OpenSSL is a shared dependency with dtls)
PACKAGECONFIG[hls_openssl10]             = "--enable-hls

PACKAGECONFIG[hls]             = "--enable-hls

Sure, I can amend the patch.

But my concern is changing the choice of encryption engine could break various
existing uses.  (Like I said, -I- don't have that use, but I expect others do..
perhaps not with gstreamer-plugins-bad though?)

You can say the same thing about almost anything that goes into master. In this case it doesn't matter, as there is a trivial way to revert the choice, but if the change was more involved, I would appreciate more specific evidence that this indeed causes real problems.

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