Gary Gendel wrote:
> Moving from IPV4 to IPV4/IPV6 on my home network is like peeling an
> onion, so I'm taking it one step at a time. :(
> Currently I only see the old Solaris dhcp server for OI.  Can this
> handle ipv6?

No.  DHCPv6 is really a very different protocol from IPv4 DHCP.

(Are you really sure you need DHCPv6 ... ?)

> I couldn't find any examples but ipv6 support was
> superficially mentioned in some documents I came across.  Is there a
> howto document available?  If not, do we have a supported install
> package for ISC DHCP now that it's gone from SFE?

When I was designing and testing the DHCPv6 client in OpenSolaris, I
used the WIDE-DHCPv6 server for much of the ad-hoc testing.  The patches
I needed to make it work on OpenSolaris are still available:

I haven't really kept up with it since 2006, so things may well have

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