On 6/7/12 12:17 PM, James Carlson wrote:
Gary Gendel wrote:
Moving from IPV4 to IPV4/IPV6 on my home network is like peeling an
onion, so I'm taking it one step at a time. :(

Currently I only see the old Solaris dhcp server for OI.  Can this
handle ipv6?
No.  DHCPv6 is really a very different protocol from IPv4 DHCP.

(Are you really sure you need DHCPv6 ... ?)
My ISP provides me with both an IPV4 and an IPV6 address. My OI box currently does IPV4 firewall/routing/NAT and provides DHCP service for my internal network. I'm trying to replicate this in IPV6 in parallel with IPV4.

I couldn't find any examples but ipv6 support was
superficially mentioned in some documents I came across.  Is there a
howto document available?  If not, do we have a supported install
package for ISC DHCP now that it's gone from SFE?
When I was designing and testing the DHCPv6 client in OpenSolaris, I
used the WIDE-DHCPv6 server for much of the ad-hoc testing.  The patches
I needed to make it work on OpenSolaris are still available:


I haven't really kept up with it since 2006, so things may well have

Thanks. I probably should move to ISC DHCP since that's where Oracle is headed as well. Should I get the sources and build from there or will it be available as a package in the near future?


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