Hello all,

  I am trying to get automatic networking provisioning for local
zones working, ultimately in order to simplify rapid deployments
of testbeds and per-bug build environments.

  In the process I found a few nits, and wondered if I am doing
something wrong or things are according to current design and
that can be revised, perhaps? So, here goes:

1) In the SMF framework, local zones can not use netstrategy=dhcp
   by the definition in /lib/svc/share/smf_include.sh:
#   The network boot strategy for a zone is always "none".
smf_netstrategy () {
        if smf_is_nonglobalzone; then
                _INIT_NET_STRATEGY="none" export _INIT_NET_STRATEGY
                return 0

   This does make sense for shared-IP zones, but for exclusive-IP
   ones which can be DHCP clients indeed, this seems wrong (and
   further on forbids configuration of DNS resolver (resolv.conf,
   nsswitch.conf) from DHCP data via svc:/network/service:default
   method script /lib/svc/method/net-svc.

   Also, I did some limited testing:
   * on SXCE the "/sbin/netstrategy" returns "zfs none none"
     for both shared and exclusive-IP zones (all with static
     IP configuration),
   * on OI (oi_151a3) the exclusive-IP zone which is a DHCP
     client does return "zfs vnic127101 dhcp" properly,
   * while OI local zones with static IP config also return
     "zfs none none".

   Is there any known rationale for the snippet above from
   smf_netstrategy() - or can it be just removed? What are
   the possible negative consequences if this check is dropped?
   Is there a simple reliable way to check the zone's ip-type,
   or why don't we trust /sbin/netstrategy output?

2) In /etc/sysidcfg templates we can set name_service to be
   DNS, LDAP, NIS or NONE. Would it be inappropriate to define
   a new type and set it to "DHCP" (and then fetch name-service
   info from DHCP)?

3) Some networking clients might want the changes to their
   DNS/nsswitch config files from a dynamic wizard, others
   might not. The policy might even differ per-local zone.
   For example, there is "fear" of scripts which might
   corrupt manually crafted settings for files+dns+ldap
   host lookups, etc.

   So far I have not seen any configurable switch that would
   *request* or *forbid* changes to the /etc/resolv.conf and
   /etc/nsswitch.conf files using data from DHCP.
   Does such a switch exist?
   Is it reasonable to add one (if not)?

   As an option, might it make sense to integrate this solution
   (an SMF service to combine user-preferred and DHCP-dynamic
   resolver options, which can then be enabled or disabled on
   a particular zone)?


//Jim Klimov

PS: A draft Wiki page is cooking here so far:

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