2012-06-07 22:32, Jim Klimov написал:
Hello all,

I am trying to get automatic networking provisioning for local
zones working, ultimately in order to simplify rapid deployments
of testbeds and per-bug build environments.

In the process I found a few nits, and wondered if I am doing
something wrong or things are according to current design and
that can be revised, perhaps? So, here goes:

A few more:

4) If I pre-configure the local zone with /etc/sysidcfg
   (created between installation and first boot), and use
     network_interface=PRIMARY {dhcp protocol_ipv6=no}
   then the interface is first attempting "auto-revarp"
   configuration and sends out RARP packets (not served
   by Sun DHCP) and then sends out DHCPREQUESTs as asked.

   If I don't provide the /etc/sysidcfg file, RARP is
   still attempted, times out and "in.rdisc" failure is
   logged, then the wizard asks for static IP settings.

   I wonder if it is possible to either tie in the RARP
   replies to Sun DHCP server, or to have the new client
   attempt DHCP by default - since it does use RARP?..
   (perhaps with a smaller timeout than 300sec waiting
   with explicitly requested DHCP setup).

5) Is it possible to make a hands-free installation
   (without supplying a /etc/sysidcfg manually) perhaps
   distributing all these settings via DHCP (in private
   options and/or as an URL to fetch the file via HTTP
   or TFTP) - *if* DHCP and/or the DNS resolution setup
   would now be also requested by default? ;)
   I am thinking towards Sun Ray DTU auto-configuration
   with a mix of DHCP and DNS settings for predefined
   names (i.e. sunray-server-config.yourdomain.com).

//Jim Klimov

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