On 16.09.2016 23:28, Lev wrote:
Ok. I'll go for XFCE, but I see that you have it.
We don't have packages for it. But Tribblix has. So it can be built from source.

I use make, cmake, gvim, and codelite. I don't like those giant IDEs like
eclipse. I develop software for AVR MCUs and ARM in the future.

Be aware that when you are programming in Native languages(C, C++)
that you may need a linux to compile the binary for the embedded


Well if you develop for ARM you need to cross-compile anyway. So you just need to see how the Compiler you use can do that and what the restrictions are.

Okay. I GEUSS that you have the same driver in the kernel as FreeBSD. I have
this to do NAT:

map tun0 -> portmap tcp/udp auto
We have been known to port software from FreeBSD due to relaxed license. And shared ancestory.

But might be some coincidence.

Other question. Is this hipster thing is more like an unstable distribution?
Is there any installation medium for the stable branch?

We currently are using a rolling release model. Due to developer Team size we can not have an extensive Q+A process. A Stable branch does thus not exist.

You can find the most up to date Isos here: http://dlc.openindiana.org/isos/hipster/


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