Hello Community

I am a bit stuck with two disks which don't want to attach to a zpool
after being removed from the pool.

Story: We have a KVM-VM running OpenIndiana on a Linux host. the Guest
VM has a Zpool with about 10 disks. Passed through from the host via
virtio. After a Host Reboot Linux decided to switch around the disk
names. (Linux likes to to that) Thus the directly passed through disks
to the Guest got switched around aswell. Three devices seem to have been
affected. two of them where hot spares so no data loss. I managed to get
the Zpool working again by replacing the missing disk with c18t0d0.
However c14t0d0 and c15t0d0 do not want to be added as hot spares anymore.

c15t0d0 is an odd case If I try to access the disk with dd it says No
such device or address. Same with zpool labelclear and friends.

I tried to wipe every piece kind of zfs label on c14t0d0 including all
partitions with format. If I now try to use format again to start from
scratch It asks me to set the disk type only to tell me that the
partition is in use. Does anybody know how to reset a disk like this
short from dd'ing with zero the whole disk?

Short from dd'ing the whole disks zero which are 3TB so.... I am out of
ideas? Has anybody an idea what I could do with these disks to be able
to attach them to the zpool ?

Also everytime I try to do anything with c14t0d0 it says c18t0d0 (notice
the name difference) is already part of the pool. Does anybody know why
zpool thinks c14t0d0 is c18t0d0?

Thanks in advance and Greetings

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