Writing 1 MB of zeros to the raw disk device has always been enough to make
sure a drive is treated as new.

My experience is mostly with FreeBSD, but a zpool export .. reboot .. zpool
import [-f] cycle has fixed up things for me before. Or zpool clear
<device> .....

On Solaris based systems I understand the FMA may need to be examined or

On Jan 8, 2018 9:48 AM, "Till Wegmüller" <toaster...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Community
> I am a bit stuck with two disks which don't want to attach to a zpool
> after being removed from the pool.
> Story: We have a KVM-VM running OpenIndiana on a Linux host. the Guest
> VM has a Zpool with about 10 disks. Passed through from the host via
> virtio. After a Host Reboot Linux decided to switch around the disk
> names. (Linux likes to to that) Thus the directly passed through disks
> to the Guest got switched around aswell. Three devices seem to have been
> affected. two of them where hot spares so no data loss. I managed to get
> the Zpool working again by replacing the missing disk with c18t0d0.
> However c14t0d0 and c15t0d0 do not want to be added as hot spares anymore.
> c15t0d0 is an odd case If I try to access the disk with dd it says No
> such device or address. Same with zpool labelclear and friends.
> I tried to wipe every piece kind of zfs label on c14t0d0 including all
> partitions with format. If I now try to use format again to start from
> scratch It asks me to set the disk type only to tell me that the
> partition is in use. Does anybody know how to reset a disk like this
> short from dd'ing with zero the whole disk?
> Short from dd'ing the whole disks zero which are 3TB so.... I am out of
> ideas? Has anybody an idea what I could do with these disks to be able
> to attach them to the zpool ?
> Also everytime I try to do anything with c14t0d0 it says c18t0d0 (notice
> the name difference) is already part of the pool. Does anybody know why
> zpool thinks c14t0d0 is c18t0d0?
> Thanks in advance and Greetings
> Till
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