On 01/12/18 04:45 PM, Stephan Budach wrote:

today, I installed OI_Hipster on my brand new Supermicro 2028R-NR48N
NVMe server, that also contains this network card:
AOC-STG-I4S/BCM57840S. While I got the NVMe to register correctly (24
x Intel DC P4500 2TB), I can't get the 10GbE working, it simply
doesn't show up on the pci bus, when running lspci, although I do see
it flashing by in the BIOS when the system boots up.

I have reset the Supermicro's BIOS to optimum defaults, but that
didn't help either. Anyone having an experience with this adaptor and
can suggest what else to try?

Thanks, Stephan


according to illumos HCL (https://illumos.org/hcl/) several variants of
BCM57840 are supported by the 'bnxe' driver. Not sure about the 'S' in

Make sure you have the driver present on the OS. Perhaps it's just that
your ID is not identified by the driver? See the current list:


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