Hello to the world

"i had a dream"

Recently i got the opinion to change from ubuntu to something "better". No problem, yes, but this is the famliy notebook and so there are the following requirements resulting from different user types:
-simple-scan or Skanlite or something that simple
-android tools for backup
-VM host, preferably free
-Truecrypt/Veracrypt (switch to zfs encryption..)
-geany/ecplise/codelite and such

Starting with SuseLinux 5.0 on a 486DX2-66 up to ubuntu on a Core2duo i have some history on using Linux. I am running Openindiana on a small home server now for about 2 years, without having to work on it that much:-) My first idea was: it might be better to try some BSD for a homeoffice laptop. I was disappointed of how much details i had to do manually, i didn't expect this with (Free)BSD. QEMU on bsd is so slow that it is not usable. VirtualBox is good but i would like to use something with a unlimited free licence.

OpenIndiana is now declared the OS of choice. (Yeah!) So the title of my short story is an abbreviation of "OpenIndiana New Knowledge"->"OINK" ;-)

The topmost feature of a linux distribution is that everything you might think of is integrated and packaged into one source. Its like a unlimited source of milk and honey. I belive that for the most out of it, there is a way to get things working on OpenIndiana, too. But the things are more complicated with BSD and Openindiana as there are several sources of choice to get the software one desires.

Up to now the following goals are reached: Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Virtualbox. The next steps are: Simple-Scanning, TexStudio, adb, and the switch from Virtualbox to qemu-kvm.. As i have only small time slices to work on this, it will nedd some time to assembly the pieces from pkg "localhostoih", pkgsrc "joyent/smartos", oi-userland and raw-github-sources just to citate some vocabulary well known to the most of you..

By the way - how to integrate the pkgsrc-applications located in /opt/local/bin to the (pkg) mate application menu?

This evening, when my little baby child will be sleeping, maybe, then i will take care of one of the next steps. Somewhen in the future - hopefully - all will be running as i like it :-)


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