Hi Sybille,

Please try your code on jdk8. The font engine in FX has been changed to use the native rasterizer on Windows and Mac.


On 2013-11-29 8:14 AM, Sybille Lein wrote:
I have some questions about the font rendering system that is used in the
JavaFX system.

We are developing a JavaFX application with a customer owned font.
This font is a TrueType font and includes font hints.
There are usually two options for the font engine in operating systems:
processing hints, or running an auto-hinter.

It appears to me that the JavaFX font rendering system ignores the hints
in the fonts, and runs the auto-hinter instead.It doesn’t invoke the
byte-code interpreter.

My question is about how the font engine works with font hints on Mac OS X
and Windows?

And is it possible to configure the font engine in JavaFX to process

I tested it under Mac OS X and java version 1.7.0_17.


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