Updated webrev available in the latest Jira comment, responding to review feedback from Felipe and (in the Jira comments) answering a number of questions about the methodology with David...


On 11/26/13 11:15 PM, Jim Graham wrote:
Hi David and Felipe,

Please review my proposed fix for:

The webrev pointer, and a question, are in my recent comment there.

This makes every instance of corner radii handling I could find in
Region and NGRegion internally consistent, enforced by pre-filtering the
data through a single method in Region.

I am curious to hear from David about the interpretation I've made of
various anomalous cases of corner radii, and Felipe from general
graphics correctness of my calculations.  I mention a specific question
I had while developing the fix in the Jira comment with the webrev.

I tested it with Ensemble8 and the test cases in the report.  I haven't
written a specific test case that combines inset+percentage overflow
until I hear back from David (or anyone) about what the correct
interpretation is for that case...


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