Actually, the JDK 8 doclet that handles this automatically. They added support for FX-style properties, among other things, in JDK 8 so we no longer have a custom doclet for FX.

-- Kevin

Tom Schindl wrote:

I can't speak for Netbeans and IntelliJ but now that JavaFX ships the
source with the JDK and Eclipse recgonizes this there's a "small"
problem with the way JavaFX is using JavaDoc.

Take for example Window#onCloseRequest

     * Called when there is an external request to close this {@code Window}.
     * The installed event handler can prevent window closing by consuming the
     * received event.
    private ObjectProperty<EventHandler<WindowEvent>> onCloseRequest;
    public final void setOnCloseRequest(EventHandler<WindowEvent> value) {
    public final EventHandler<WindowEvent> getOnCloseRequest() {
        return (onCloseRequest != null) ? onCloseRequest.get() : null;
    public final ObjectProperty<EventHandler<WindowEvent>>
            onCloseRequestProperty() {

You'll notice that the documentation is only made on the property but
not on the real API methods.

I guess the build process copies the documentation somehow at the right
position when generating the doc (see
which doesn't help people with an (Eclipse)IDE which takes the source
code as the authority and presents an empty JavaDoc window :-(

This is a major feature loss!


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