As a follow-up, here are the JIRA queries that you can use.

Bug Owners:

Here is a link to your FX 9 bugs (the bugs targeted to FX 9 assigned to you) :

And, here is a link to your FX 8u20 bugs:

Component Owners:

Here is a list is all FX 9 bugs sorted by assignee and then by Component.

If you want to filter it by just your component then you would add "Component = Graphics" (substituting the name of your component for Graphics). You can then use this to look for unassigned bugs or bugs assigned to the wrong person in your component.

-- Steve & Kevin

Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hello Committers,

I'd like to organize our work for 8u20 this week. Recall that 8u20 is about improving the quality of FX rather than implementing new features.

Bug Owners:

I suggest that we implement "Bug Pass Friday" where component owners and reviewers assess their bug backlog, clean up really old bugs that no longer apply and target the remaining bugs for either 8u20 or 9. In the case of bugs that don't have steps or sample code (and otherwise can't be reproduced), we should close them as 'Incomplete and ask nicely for more information:

Otherwise, please check the priority and adjust accordingly. Of course, crashes, exceptions and failed functionality tend to rate high.

Component Owners:

We have bugs that are unassigned or assigned to the wrong person. Component owners are asked to do a pass and ensure that all bugs that are assigned are assigned to owners or reviewers. Of course there will be exceptions and when in doubt, email the list or contact us and we will update the code ownership tables.

Unassigned bugs can stay that way or be assigned. It is likely that Kevin and I will do a pass on the unassigned bugs at a later time but if you know that a bug belongs to a certain person, assign it.

This Tuesday is our first milestone and it will be uneventful because of the holidays. However, starting next week, we should have a good idea about the work that lies ahead and how much trouble we are in!

Steve and Kevin

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