A few of us in the JavaFX team have been trying over the holidays to put 
together an embedded implementation of Glass that has minimal native code. When 
developing the existing embedded Glass implementation, Lens, we had noticed 
that there were a few problems were were running into again and again:
 - We were duplicating data structures between C and Java.
 - Logic was split between C and Java, making it hard to debug effectively.
 - In many cases we needed to make expensive JNI up-calls from C to Java.
 - Each additional platform we added support for increased the complexity of 
the system and frequently required similar changes in Glass and Prism.
 - Any level of pluggability in C needs a lot of setup to do, both for the 
platform porting layer (on which we did make some progress) and the ability to 
use custom input handlers (on which we didn’t)

Monocle is an attempt to resolve these problems. It’s in a very basic state 
right now, but it is enough to play with. There is a description of the 
components and how to run up at 

Monocle is currently buildable for all platforms, but on desktop platforms it 
only works in headless mode. It can render on BeagleBoard xM, Freescale i.MX6 
and in embedded emulation mode on Linux/x86.

Your feedback is welcome, on this alias and in JIRA.


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