Thanks for your answer, Daniel.

If there's still a use case for StubToolkit, I'd like to know why I get a CNFE 
when I'm trying to use it in a simple JavaFX application (see the link in my 
previous message). Has anyone succeeded in building and using it (outside 


Daniel Blaukopf <> , 22/1/2014 2:49 PM:
Hi Uwe, 
On Jan 22, 2014, at 2:19 PM, Uwe Sander <> wrote: 
> Hi, 
> I'm interested in headless testing, too. I tried to use StubToolkit for 
> including TestFX tests in a headless build, but all I got was a CNFE. If 
> anyone is interested to give me a hand on this, details can be found at 
> As Tom explained, Monocle would provide another way for headless testing. 
> Does it replace StubToolkit? 
Monocle uses the same Quantum toolkit that other JavaFX implementation use - 
not StubToolkit, which is only used in testing. 
As I see it, there is a place for tests using StubToolkit, and a place for 
tests using a real Toolkit implementation. For example, QuantumToolkit has a 
very specific threading model, but this is not enforced by StubToolkit. 
StubToolkit is useful for isolated tests of the upper parts of the JavaFX 
stack. For a real application you need to test on a real Toolkit, and headless 
Monocle is one way to do that. 
We have open on removing 
StubToolkit. I’m not convinced that is the right thing to do. would open up possibilities for a 
new class of automated test, without requiring us to rewrite existing tests 
that use StubToolkit. 
> Cheers, 
> Uwe 
> Tom Eugelink <> , 22/1/2014 8:46 AM: 
> What also is very interesting is headless testing. Let me see if I'm getting 
> this.  
> Normally Jenkins would start a VNC server (xvnc), which provides some kind of 
> graphics API against which an UI program can paint. JavaFX is not picking 
> that up however.  
> But, as I read it, in this case JavaFX starts its own VNC server, so it takes 
> of everything itself. All one would need to do is specify the  
>     -Dglass.platform=Monocle -Dmonocle.platform=VNC -Dprism.order=sw  
> And additionally a port to run the VNC server on (so multiple Jenkins jobs 
> don't interfere).  
> Am I correct? How can I test this (aka in which version is the VNC server 
> available)?  
> Tom  

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