Am I to understand that this is using the VNC server? Because I'm not seeing 
the tell-tale -D parameters in the Or is this actually running 


On 2014-1-30 18:40, Daniel Blaukopf wrote:

I put up on a draft of what our 
unit tests might look like if we were to run them on top of the real Quantum 
Toolkit instead of StubToolkit. The main problem is how to solve the threading: 
tests that use StubToolkit are all accessing the toolkit and scene graph on the 
main thread, which you can’t do in Quantum.

A webrev is here:
It’s not complete. I rewrote some tests to correct the threading, but many 
other problems remain, like that tests call methods on StubToolkit that are not 
part of the Toolkit interface. For a start I’d like feedback on how we get 
around the threading problems in JUnit.


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